The condition is NEW.

Set up with D’Addario Zyex strings.
Select Violins Masters Series
Fabulous Copy of the 1670 Violin by Nicolaus Amati
Violin, Case, & Bow.  Sale $1275  SOLD
Questions, comments? Contact us:
Violin, Case, & Bow.  Sale $1275 SOLD
Questions, comments? Contact us:
Select Violins Masters Series are new violins imported from China. They are from a workshop that specializes in quality copies of famous violins. Each instrument is signed and dated by an individual maker. Select Violins is attracted to these violins because of their very good workmanship. We are pleased to offer these wonderful instruments to those who are looking for brand new violins.

The evaluator gave this violin the highest ratings on every point! I think he really liked it. Take at look at his evaluation below.
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