The Guarneri model violins were typically the best quality instruments coming out of the violin workshops. This one shows the signs of quality in its varnish, wood and construction. These attentions to detail inevitably result in a better sounding and playing instrument. This one had some extensive repairs done, most of which were done over 100 years ago judging by the aging that can be seen on the inside. They are still just as stable as when they were first made. The repairs to the head stock are more recent. This violin would be priced in the $2000 - $4000 price range if it were in mint condition. The tonal and playing qualities are still there for you, but for a greatly reduce price.
The condition is good. The repairs are stable and will not cause any problems if the violin is properly cared for. This is your opportunity to own an amazing Guarneri Copy violin for a fraction of the cost for a similar sounding violin!

Setup with Helicore strings.
4/4 Size - Length of back 362 mm
1800s Joseph Guarneri Copy Violin
Violin only SOLD

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